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For people who give a service.

See exactly what items you need for service, if you have enough, and how much they cost you

Each service profile you create has a 'Bill of Materials' which gives you important information on what you need and how much you have. You can also see how many of those services you can give ('Available servicings') based on the inventory you have.

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Kaizntree gardening inventory management


1. Garden Supply Store

2. Petrol Station 

Inventory Levels: 

1. Fertiliser: 30 Kg 

2.  Gasoline: 20 Litres 


Name: Weekly garden maintenance

Category: Garden maintenance

Minimum supply: enough for 5 weeks


1. Fertiliser: variable

2.  Gasoline for equipment: variable 


Roughly enough inventory for: 6 weeks

Kaizntree hairdresser and salon inventory management


Name: Signature cut

Category: Haircut

Minimum amount of services able to be given: 60 


1. Lavender Shampoo

2.  Lavender Conditioner

3. Eucalyptus Face Wash 

Inventory level

1. Lavender Shampoo: 10x Bottles (1x Bottle = 20x clients)

2.  Lavender Conditioner: 7x Bottles (1x Bottle = 35 clients)

3. Eucalyptus Face Wash: 25x Jars (1x Jar = 15 customers)


Signature cuts able to be given with existing inventory: 200 


1. The Lavender Hair Specialist

2. Specialty Face Washes 

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