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What is Kaizntree?

Kaizntree is a Sydney-based startup looking to help your small business grow by saving you time behind the scenes. We achieve this goal by providing you with a single platform that can manage your entire business from before materials enter your production flow to after finished products are sold.

The reality is that most small businesses are using multiple spreadsheets or even sticky notes on a desk, to keep on top of important information like running inventory or customer contact information. While this may work in the very beginning, it will quickly become a problem as your business takes off, wasting time and preventing true growth from occurring.

We help small business grow. 

Whether you make, buy, or outsource your product, Kaizntree can help you save time.

What does "Kaizntree" mean?

Kaizn, originates from the Japanese word kaizen which means continuous improvement. Not only do we want to help continuously grow your business, but we also our software as we meet your requirements. 

The second half of our name tree comes from our commitment to reducing waste by helping people maximise their resources. Our core function is to provide a system that enables you to improve efficiency and maximise resources. Join us on this journey to build a better future. 

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Don't fragment your time across every channel, spreadsheet, and email provider you use.

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