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AI powered Operating Software for Small Batch Manufacturers

The end of
inventory chaos

How does it work?

Kaizntree where you manage everything from raw materials to sales.
Zero manual data entry required.


Set up Kaizntree

Create your account, take 5 minutes to learn Kaizntree, and you're ready to get started.


Connect your sales channels

Upload your spreadsheets, connect your sales channels and done.


Start scaling

Kaizntree will now keep everything in sync and provide you with a list of what needs to made, reordered, and fulfilled.

Automate your inventory management process to:

Gain 25 hours each month and focus on anything else

Trace everything from raw materials to sales

Show traceability of your products to auditors and organic certification companies

Fulfill orders from every sales channel

Manage and fulfill orders from every sales channel in one place. Kaizntree will automatically available stock counts whenever you make more product.

Know exactly what to make or re-order

Our AI will turn your pending orders into a to do list of what you need to make or re-order

Sell in more places using our native 2-way integrations

Stock Page Illustration 1.png

Onboard in less than 30 minutes

Our AI automates the entire data entry process

Fits into your existing workflow

Know exactly what to make or reorder

Get notified whenever more product needs to be made or ingredients need to be ordered

BOM Tracking
Actionable Insights
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candle making.png

Trace everything from raw materials to sales

Show traceability of your products to auditors and organic certification companies

Batch Codes
Expiry Dates
Stock History Reports

Fulfill orders from every sales channel

Manage and fulfill orders from every sales channel with Kaizntree


Sleep easy knowing you won't miss out on sales or accidentally sell out of stock products


  • How do free trials work?
    To begin the trial simply submit an inquiry form and we’ll get you set up. A free trial is the best way to figure out how our program can meet your needs. To start a free trial you dont have to give us your credit card, we just ask that you get in touch with us so we can get you started. You only have to pay at the end of your 30 day free trial if you choose to continue with us.
  • What happens when my free trial ends?
    Before your free trial ends, we’ll get in touch with you to ask whether you would like to start one of our plans. If you choose to purchase one of our plans, you’ll be able to continue as normal. If you unfortunately decide not to continue with us, then we’ll say our goodbyes and hope you come again.
  • What is a data entry and what happens when I reach my data limit?
    A data entry refers to an input you make in our program. This includes everything from product profiles to purchase orders. A data entry is not how much stock you have. If you reach you’re limit, we’ll simply send you an email letting you know. You’ll still be able to use our program but we’ll request that you upgrade your subscription in order to continue.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?
    Yes, just let us know what you would like to do and we’ll help you make the change.
  • Do you offer discounts to charity organisations?
    Yes we do! So please let us know if you are a charity organisation. Our discounts vary depending on the level of subscription you require.
  • Can I download my data and how are you keeping my data safe?
    Thanks for asking! You can export your data at any time and keep copies on your computer if you like. You data is encrypted by both the program as well as the server where it is stored. Whilst there is always a risk of being hacked, we are taking every measure within our power to make sure your data is protected.
  • What is an item?
    An "item" refers to something you want to keep stock of. Everything you have in your inventory is an "item". This can include a finished product, an ingredient, a material and a service.

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