One place to manage your inventory, customers, and orders

Stop fragmenting your small business

Starting at $25/mo

One Business, One System.*

*For Small Businesses Only. That means you.

Manage all your sales channels, inventory, and important relationships in one place. 

Stop fragmenting your business.


How to use Kaizntree:

Connect your Sales Channels

Create customer profiles

Add your items

Start growing

Shopify, Square, Outlook, Gmail

View all orders, communication, and more.

Everything from individual items to finished products

Sit back and let automation do the rest.

Streamline all your sales channels to Kaizntree.

Stop wasting time checking sales and fulfilling orders on each platform. Streamline everything into one place.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 6.08.49 pm cop
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 6.08.49 pm cop

Stop managing your business across multiple platforms and spreasheets. You're time is more valuable than that.

Customer Success Stories

See how similar small businesses are thriving with Kaizntree.

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Lea Durie. Ceramic Artist.



Get your business off the ground without killing time.



Everything you need to save time and grow.



Forget about limits. Unleash your small business. 

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Frequently asked questions

My business is still small, why should I use Kaizntree?

Kaizntree does three things. 1) It frees up the time you'd otherwise spend on spreadsheets so you can focus instead of growing your business 2) It creates a foundation of growth that scales with your business 3) It ensures that you don't run into a sitution where you run out of stock and can't fulfil orders, or comit to orders that aren't achievable.

How is Kaiznree different to using spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets do not scale as your business grows. Nor do they connect with your sales channels or emails. This means there is significant data entry since nothing is automated. Not only do they have to be constantly updated, but all your need is one typo in a calculation to throw off an entire sheet without even noticing. Small Businesses already have so much on their plate, Kaizntree helps lighten the load. This is particularly important for people who are time poor and need to focus on selling their product, not managing their product.

At what point should a business grow with Kaizntree?

Once long-term growth becomes important, Kaizntree becomes a right fit. On average, small businesses join after 4 months of operations.