Your Data. 

"At Kaizntree, we pride ourselves in keeping your data private and secure. Unlike other companies, we do not sell or show your data to anyone. Your data is for your privacy and we honour the trust you place in us to keep it safe. We do not use your data for any other purposes than providing our service to you.

The Kaizntree platform is stored within Salesforce's cloud server. Being a publicly traded company, the server we use undergoes annual auditing of its services and security. 


The server we use specialises in security, scaling, and infrastructure so we can focus on the Kaizntree software. Whilst we have our own internal security measures, the cloud service we use also helps protect businesses like ours from cyber threats by continuously running vulnerability assessments, source code reviews, and penetration tests. 

The Kaizntree software and database undergo automatic, routine backups. This means that in the event of an outage, we can have Kaizntree up and running within seconds. "

Our relationship with Salesforce does not extend beyond using their services."

- Etienne,

  Chief Technical Officer, Kaizntree