Frequently Asked Questions.



How is Kaizntree different to using Shopify, Square, or Xero's inventory features?

We combine all of them into one. A lot of platforms have their own inventory functions but those are typically limited to finished products and seldom integrate with other streams. You can use their inventory systems to start out, but eventually you'll end up having to manage a lot of them separately since they don't connect.

Not only do we combine all your channels, but we also go from supplier to finished product. This way you manage every item you stock, not just finished products, and also all your relationships with our built-in CRM.

My current spreadsheet is working well, why should I change?

Spreadsheets can be ok for a couple of months, but they become a nightmare once it's time for you to grow. Data has to be manuallly entered (leaving room for error!), and becomes more complex with each change you make.
Wouldn't you rather forget about data entry and just use a system that does everything for you? Imagine all the time you could save! Surely this is worth spending a few coffees a month on.

What happens if I have problem and need to contact support?

You can contact support via either email or phone. Simply let us know what question you have and we'll get right back to you. +61 452 123 005

How I transfer data from my current system?

Data transfers can be achieved through import templates, as well as pulling data from integrated channels. If you'd like to leave the hard work to us instead, we also provide on-boarding services starting at $300/day. We set everything up for you so you can simply log in and start saving time! To enquire, please send us an email at

Is training on the system included?

All packages include an hour of dedicated training. You can also schedule a Zoom Call with us at any moment. During this call we can answer any questions and assist where needed.

How do I start?

The best way to get started is register for a 14-day free trial. You can then begin populating the item import template found on the Item Page. Because our trial is no-strings-attached, you can try out Kaizntree risk free. If you'd like to continue at the end of the trial, we can help you decide which plan is right for you. If you're still not sure where to start, scheduling a zoom call with us! These meetings are completely free, and we'll answer all the questions you may have about getting started. You can schedule a call here or simply send us an email with your preferred time and time zone (i..e where you are located).

How do I record wholesale orders?

Wholesale orders can be recorded by creating a Sales Order. This Sales Order will appear on the customer's page along with other customer details such as emails, notes, reminders, status, and preferred items.

You can view more on Sales Orders here.

Consignment orders can be recorded by creating a new location and "moving" stock to that location. A Sales Order can then be made when items are sold. This way you can see exactly what's on consignment.

My business is still quite small, at what point should I use Kaizntree?

Great question!

The best time to start is now! It's much better to "plant" your business in scalable "pot" than to continue "repotting as you grow".
Kaizntree also allows you to focus on growing your business by automating everything you do. Time is far more important when you are small. Plus you can grow with the confidence that you won't have the issues with stock and orders that often kill small businesses.

At the end of the day this depends on whether you're in it for the long-run or focused on the short-term. Short-term, spreadsheets are alright, long-term, Kaizntree is what you need.

Don't take our word for it though! Check out customer case studies here.

I outsource or buy my products, is Kaizntree still relevant?

Yes! Kaizntree becomes more important with each contact you work with. Our supplier and maufacturer profiles help you keep track of what you buy and from whom, so you never forget to make an order. Kaizntree isn't just for inventory of raw materials. You can keep track of what you're bringing into your business, whether it is a material or completed product. This record will automatically update as items enter and exit your inventory.



Do I get low stock alerts? Where are they sent?

Low stock alerts are sent based on your desired levels of stock. You can set these levels when you create an item profile, or use our recommended amounts. These alerts are sent to your email and displayed on the dashboard.

Can I request a feature?

Of course! We highly encourage it. All feedback and requests are vital to help us get better. Our philosophy is that by helping you, we help other people who also require similar solutions. The sooner you ask, the better, so don't hesitate! Implementing a new feature can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple months. In the majority of cases we are able to release them within a couple weeks.



How does the Shopify Integration work?

1. Add your store via Kaizntree or add Kaizntree via the Shopify app store. 2. Import your items from Shopify by following the prompts displayed on Kaizntree after connecting your store. 3. Start recieving orders and order information.

How does the Square integration work?

1. Click "Integrate with Square" in Kaizntree. 2. Connect your Kaizntree items with your Square items. 3. Begin recieiving order information from Square.

Are past Shopify and Square orders backlogged onto the system?

Only orders which are made after the integration are recieved by Kaizntree. Contact us if you require backlogging orders.

Will more integrations be added?

Yes, we are currrently working on some new integrations which will be released throughout the year. If you have an idea for a specific integration that you'd like to see, please let us know!