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Kaizntree helps Jessica grow her stockists and oversee her product bundles


Company: Fleur & Fable

Location: Sydney, Australia

Products: Bookplates, Stamps, and Stationery

Sales Channels: Shopify, Wholesale, Square

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Jessica's Story

Fleur & Fable is a stationary brand dedicated selling to bookplates – a decorative label that goes inside the first page of a book. All the designs are created by Jessica herself then hand-packaged and sent to customers.

She started the business in February 2021 by selling a variety of stationary products and has since streamlined to focus on bookplates. Fleur & Fable's primary sales channels are Shopify and wholesale where she's successfully grown to 30 stockists. 


“I decided to rebrand and pretty much soley focus on bookplates because I feel like that’s such a niche market and I really want to revive that art form.”


The decision to cut most of her notebooks, journals and art prints from her product line has enabled her to dedicate more time towards wholesale and bulk orders.

Jessica began using Kaizntree to organise her inventory and wholesale orders around 5 months after starting the business.

“I think it’s so useful. If a wholesale order comes through, I can tell immediately if I have enough stock, enough finished product or enough bundles to even make the package."


"I wish I started it when I was first starting wholesale, just so I had a hold on everything at one glance."

“You’re piled on with all these admin things that take you away from your product development, drawing and making new things. I think if I had delegated more, I would have worked less.”

Check out Fleur & Fable's website below:

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