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Create a product profile

This is where you include important information such as minimum stock level, a description, location.


If you have various product lines, you can also link the product under an overarching category.


Like other areas of the program, the information and format is fully customisable to your needs.

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Kaizntree consumer non-durable inventory management


Name: Walnut and rosemary salami 

Category: cold cuts

Minimum stock level: 30


Walnut and rosemary salami: 25  


1. Australian Salami Store


1. Walnut and rosemary salami below minimum quantity

2. Contact Australian Salami Store to order more Walnut and rosemary salami 

Kaizntree consumer durable inventory management


Name: Men's Brown Sweater

Category: Men's Sweaters

Minimum stock level: 10


Men's Brown Sweater: 9 


1. Boutique Men's Sweaters 


Men's Brown Sweater Stock: 9 

Men's Brown Sweaters below minimum quantity: re-order

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