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For People who make and sell things.

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Know exactly what you can make with the materials/ingredients you currently have

We automatically update your inventory whenever a new order arrives, products are made, and parts are used. 


This inventory can be location specific if you operate in multiple areas.

Kaizntree ceramic inventory management


1.  Clay and Co

2.  The Paint Shop


Name: Ceramic Cup

Category: Drinkware

Minimum stock level: 53


Quantity currently available: 70

Quantity able to be made with current inventory: 153


1.  Clay

2. Clay paint

3. Red Sand

Materials Inventory

1. Clay: 3 Kilos

2. Clay paint: 0.3 litres

3. Red sand: 0.5 Kilos 

Kaizntree watch jewellery inventory management


Name: Silver pocket watch

Category: Pocket watch

Minimum stock level: 7


1. 1x Metal crown

2. 1x Dial 

3. 1x White bezel 

4. 1x Metal case 

Component Inventory

1. Metal crown: 27

2. Dial: 26 

3.White bezel: 27 

4. Metal case: 27 


1. Swiss Watch Ltd

2. Metal Timepieces


Finished quantity: 13

Quantity able to be made with existing inventory: 26

Kaizntree bakery inventory management


Name: Donut Cake 

Category: Decorated Cakes

Minimum stock level: 0 (made to order)


1. 200ml Bubblegum ice cream 

2. 100ml Blue frosting 

3. 5x Donuts 

4. 3x Eggs

5. 300g Flour

6. 150g Sugar

7. 1.5 tbsp Butter

8. 100g White chocolate

9. 100g Dark chocolate

Ingredient Inventory

1. Bubblegum​ ice cream: 600ml

2. Blue frosting: 300ml

3. Donuts: 15

4. Eggs: 9

5. Flour: 900g

6. Sugar: 450g

7. Butter: 4.5 tbsp

8. White chocolate: 300g

9. Dark chocolate: 300g 


1. Harry's Ice Cream

2. Fresh Foods 

3. Local Poultry Farm

4. Delicatessen Chocolate pty 


Finished quantity: 0

Quantity able to be made with existing inventory: 3

Kaizntree soapsinventory management


Name: Rosemary and honey body soap 

Category: Soaps

Minimum stock level: 30


1. Sodium olivate 

2. Fresh rosemary

3. Manuka honey

4. Cera alba 

Component Inventory

1. Sodium olivate: 2kg

2. Fresh rosemary: 2 medium sized plants

3. Manuka honey: 1kg

4. Cera alba: 5kg



1. The Herb Company 

2.    Beeswax Galore

3. Soap Specialty Ltd.


Finished Quantity: 37

Quantity able to be produced with existing inventory: 100

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