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3 Ways to Improve your Customer Service Skills

Customer service – embrace it and use it to your ADVANTAGE.

If you have had the chance to read the earlier article on the benefits of excellent customer service, I bet you’re curious about what can be done to improve your customer service skills. In this article, I will be walking you through 3 dependable ways to boost your customer service up to that top-tier level.

1. Active Listening

Whether you’re speaking with customers in person, talking to them on the phone, or meeting them over Zoom, it’s important to show that you’re actively listening. Make eye contact, nod your head, exaggerate facial expressions (😊), ask clarifying questions, refrain from interrupting, take notes, etc. Even a small verbal comment like “uh huh” or “mhm” will signal to people that they can continue their monologue. The idea is to make customers feel important and that their thoughts and opinions are valid/valued.

2. Provide Answers Promptly

Timeliness is key when dealing with customers, and I suggest predicting common concerns and coming up with solutions for each ahead of time. I also recommend creating a page for frequently asked questions, so you don’t get bombarded with emails asking about the same thing. It may even help to have family and friends go through your shop to see if they notice anything you may have missed.

3. Encourage Feedback

Asking for feedback from customers and non-customers shows them that you really care about providing excellent customer service. Having your contact information visible on your shop’s website is a great first step, and so is following up with customers to see if they are still satisfied with their purchase or overall experience with your business. Include the link to a feedback survey as part of an email receipt or even send it in a follow-up email. I like using Bitly to shorten the URLs so that it is easier to remember and type in the address bar (here’s an example: The responses you receive can even be used as testimonials on your website and social media pages.

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