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4 Steps for Reducing the Impact of Apple's New Ad Policy on Your Small Business

As Apple's iOS 14.5 AppTrackingTranparency policy begins to come into effect, you may be wondering how this change will affect your small business' ability to advertise. While this fear is warranted, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate the affect these changes have on your ads.

Many small businesses work with Facebook to direct their advertising to relevant audiences. With this new policy, Facebook has begun to implement a process called Aggregated Event Management (AEM). This new system allows for measurement of data from iOS14 users without violating the AppTrackingTransparency policy. They have also updated Facebook Pixel to accommodate Apple's new rules.

So what should you do?

1. Verify Your Domain

It is important to verify your website domain if you plan to continue utilising pixel. This can be done through your Business Manager. Domains need to be verified at the effective top level domain plus one (eTLD+1) or the Public Suffix List (PSL). Domain verification is especially important if pixel is used across multiple businesses so AEM can be enabled as soon as possible.

2. Update Your Facebook SDK to Version 8.1

If you utilise ad tracking on mobile apps, you need to make sure your Facebook SDK is up-to-date. If not, you will lose access to important reports such as app conversion events. You will also need to update to continue creating app install campaigns.

3. Configure Your AEM

Facebook's new AEM allows for businesses to track up to 8 unique conversion events. These 8 events can then be ranked in order of priority. As customers take actions on your page, only the highest ranking event will be sent, regardless of how many actions are actually taken. Any current ad campaigns set to track unselected conversion events will be paused.

You must also manually determine which events you would like pixel to track. If you don't, Facebook will default to the events they believe will be most successful. Finally, for each ad campaign you run, you must determine which conversion event you would like to target.

4. Choose A Domain for Conversion Tracking

For Apple users who choose to block 3rd party data tracking, your data will only be tracked within one domain. If you are currently operating across multiple domains, you must chose which you would like to focus on.

If a user choses to opt-in to tracking, their data will continue to be tracked across multiple domains.

To learn more about this policy, visit our sister article "How Will Apple's New Data Tracking Policy Affect My Business?".

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