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Kaizntree helps Spice Zen stay on top of their spices and batches.

Stock Procurement | Production | Organic Certification Requirements | Inventory

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Company: Spice Zen

Location: Sydney, Australia

Products: Teas, Tea blends, Cold Pressed Oils, Gluten Free Flours

Sales Channels: Big Commerce , Wholesale, Markets

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Spice Zen's Story

Spice Zen is a Sydney brand run by Aditya and Preeti Swarup that produces a variety of spices using organic and wild crafted ingredients. The brand was recently recognised as an ACO Certified Organic business and is endorsed by Coeliac Australia.  

Being certified organic carries a significant amount of requirements. The batch codes, expiry dates, and country of origin of all their items must be tracked.

All their spices are produced by hand using a traditional stone grinding-mill. This ensures that every order is fulfilled with a high level of purity and freshness. 

Prior to using Kaizntree, Spice Zen used spreadsheets to manage their inventory. This meant that a significant portion of their time was spent on monstrous data entry and checking that calculations and stock data were being entered correctly.

Through Kaizntree, Spice Zen has achieved complete oversight of their inventory, production and sales as well as the ability to direct more time towards growth.

Check out their website below:

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