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Why fragment when you can have everything in one place?

Inventory - Sales - CRM - Purchases

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Used by small businesses around the world to manage what they make and sell.

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One system to manage your...

1. Inventory & Production

Know what you have, where it is, and what you can do with it. 
Categorise your inventory and add locations
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2. Sales Channels 

One place for all your sales channels. Forget those messy spreadsheets.
Check if you have enough to fulfil an order before committing to a customer.
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3. Customer Relationships

Don't miss another lead or forget to follow-up on a customer.
Targeted CRM based on what products are currently available.
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4. Purchases

Connect your supplier profiles to the items you purchase from them
Automatically update your inventory as items are received
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Automatically receive orders from Square.

Built to empower every business

Angie R.

Co-founder of Beeswax Wraps Australia.

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Kaizntree is perfect for small businesses who...

Kaizntree is ideal for growing small to medium sized businesses that either:

Make your own products

Record what you make and how

much materials are required. Receive  reminders when to reorder or make more.

Make use of one or more locations

Keep track of inventory and sales across every location you use.

Operate across multiple sales channels

Record sales across each of your sales channels and have them deduct inventory from one place.

Want to scale up

Kaizntree provides the infrastructure you need to scale up without growing pains.

Deal with numerous suppliers

Stay on top of all your purchases in one place. Easily manage each supplier with curated supplier profiles.

Have important client relationships

See all your customer communication and interaction in one place.

Ready to grow?

Why fragment when you can have everything in one place?


Inventory - Sales Channels - Customer Relationship Management - Purchases - Suppliers

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Grow Sales and Save Time